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Let Our Obsession Be Your Perfection!

No matter how much mayonnaise, mustard and salad dressing was made over the years, our founder always envisioned he would one day create an amazing new recipe that would be so superior to anything else, he would put his name right on the label. At Chefler Foods, where passion to achieve perfection has become our obsession, the founder’s vision finally came to fruition– with Mike’s Amazing line of mayonnaise, mustards and salad dressings.


Mike’s Amazing Mayonnaise

Mike’s Amazing Mayonnaise is Chefler Foods premium brand of extra heavy mayonnaise. Using only the highest quality vegetable oil and the freshest egg yolks, Mike’s Amazing Mayonnaise contains the perfect balance of fermented vinegar, lemon juice, real sugar and natural spices. It is specially formulated to be an “Extra Heavy” product; guaranteed never to separate when making your dressings and sauces. Once you try Mike’s Amazing Mayonnaise, it is hard to imagine ever using anything else.



Mike’s Amazing Mustards

If you love mustard like us, and are frustrated with the same mass-produced recipes offered by other manufacturers today — Mike’s Amazing Mustard was designed specifically for you and your customers. At Chefler Foods, making mustard is an art form that requires not just the finest ingredients, but also a careful attention to detail and skill – with freshly stone-milled seeds used in every batch. Mike’s Amazing Mustards represent the best of the best – with each daily batch made manufactured to the highest standard in order to achieve a flavor profile that’s both new and familiar. Craved by mustard lovers across the globe!



Mike’s Amazing Dressings

Whether you’re looking for something to pour on top of your salads and sandwiches or a tasty marinade for your meat and fish, Mike’s Amazing line of Salad Dressings provides the rich, full-bodied flavor to compliment any dish. Mike’s Amazing Dressings is a complete line of premium salad dressings perfect for all chefs and restaurateurs looking to offer flavorful and memorable dishes that customers crave and return for more. Recognizing that consumer preferences are constantly changing in a highly competitive marketplace, Mike’s Amazing Dressings provide flavor enhancements designed to withstand the test of time and help all restaurants, delis and diners grow their businesses successfully — one bite at a time.


Manufacturers And Packers Of Mayonnaise, Salad Dressings, Mustards, Vinegars, And Vegetable Oils

Chefler Foods was founded in 2017, and is managed by a highly experienced team with a long history of success in the food manufacturing industry. At Chefler Foods we are passionately committed to our customers — delivering only the highest quality products with a level of personal service unmatched in the marketplace.